“What makes Suraj a good coach is his ability to connect with people at a deeper level (mix of great IQ and EQ), his own rich experience in leadership and management and his ability to listen and then share his candid inputs – he is a very good listener. Why a leader should choose Suraj for a coaching engagement is because he has the ability to help leaders with identifying underlying improvement/development needs on hand and then strengths on the other hand. As a result, one can work on both. While working with Suraj, it is as if I am driving my own development and he is standing outside the playing area, quietly observing and giving feedback. For senior leaders in the age group of 45-60, Suraj is at the right age to empathize with their challenges..”

India MD (Fortune 100 company)who is being coached by Suraj since March 2020

“Suraj has been able to bring about perceptible changes in the coachee in 3 months, which the company has not been able to achieve in 10 years! The coachee is so excited..”

Manager of coachee (Director), Fortune 50

"I worked with Suraj on a management training session for our management leadership team. I was impressed with his commitment to the assignment and his openness to ideas. He went to great lengths to make the session extremely relevant and meaningful for us. Another aspect, which is worth mentioning, is the complete and honest commitment to the assignment where tailor-made content was made available overnight. I would strongly recommend Suraj to anyone seeking a committed trainer and coach who has the primary interest of the client in mind."

Vice President, Sales of a 50 bn USD Diversified Conglomerate

"Suraj has been associated with us as a leadership coach for over two years. He understands the Firm and its offerings well, and has been able to address individual coaching needs in the context of the business ask effectively. He has been able to address both short term and long term coaching needs by using a permutation and combination of tools, literature support and personalized interventions to meet end objectives for individuals. His coaching technique is personalized and customized drawing parallels between business context and development needs for an individual. He is very approachable and exudes passion in his engagements by delivering more than what is requested. He actively assumes the role of a facilitator, reflector and a guide with his coachees, the validation of which is their success in the organization through various leadership roles they have been able to take on, thus building on a remarkable add to their existing skills with his support.."

Associate Director (HR), Big 4 Consulting Firm

“Suraj comes across as a balanced and centered human development professional. As part of our coach and facilitator network, we have found him of great value for our clients. He brings a strong business understanding combined with a passion for people development – a great combination.”

Bimal Rath, Founder, Think Talent Services